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In the centre of a lively urban quarter in Stuttgart, the active band” (Aktives Band) has been designed, a new linear centre with a high quality of living and open space. This new central meeting place is actively connected with the existing neighbourhood and offers space for a wide range of communal uses.

 The basic urban structure of the new quarter boils down to six building plots of comparable size. In order to create a variety of spatial qualities and a wide variation of possible floor plans, a mixture of different building typologies such as free-standing buildings, an infill building, and prominent-end buildings.

Thanks to flexible floor plans, the approximately 700 residential units for around 1,750 residents can be adjusted according to changing social needs. Social intermixing and neighbourly coexistence are made possible by the distribution of various ownership structures around the quarter.

 Three elements, an activity strip, a mobility strip and a green belt, together make up the main free spaces. In the south of the new building plots, the car-free activity strip serves as the new quarters central meeting zone. As a new infrastructural axis, the mobility belt lies to the north, with an e-car charging stations, parking spaces for visitors to the nursing home and reserved car-sharing zones. The required parking spaces are also offered in underground garages. As a special urban planning element, the neighbourhood centre is positioned directly where the new quarters activity strip intersects with the green belt, offering a wide range of rooms for start-ups, Fab Labs and co-working spaces. Green areas and roof gardens also make an important contribution to a pleasant urban climate.

By actively designing the adjoining ground floor level, a variety of uses are encouraged, establishing a lively quarter centre with a high quality of life and a broad range of offerings. Common areas and a multi-layered social infrastructure offer potential for active civic commitment and the co-designing of the immediate living environment. This process is supported by the allocation of buildings near the neighbourhood centre to innovative groups and cooperatives.

TopicUrban-planning ideas competition



LocationDE – Stuttgart

Space80.000 sq m

Client City of Stuttgart