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Two floors of a 1990s office building in Tiergarten, Berlin, were converted into an open-plan event and co-working space for the NGO ProVeg Germany e. V., which is committed to the interests of vegetarians and vegans. The organisation uses education and action to push its goal of sustainable nutrition within our society. As an incubator, the NGO promotes start-ups within its newly designed rooms with integrated kitchens, which create vegan and vegetarian products.

The transformed office interior, with numerous built-in fittings, creates a new environment in the ground floor and basement. Vertical and horizontal bars form a delicate pine structure that can be adapted to different zones and uses. This space-defining structure extends to all rooms. Shelves can be flexibly inserted as needed to create exhibition space as well as seating and desk options. Numerous plants and lights can also be attached to the wooden structure.

The open-plan entrance features a co-working area framed by seating and shelving. Mobile tables render the space flexible and it can even be transformed into an event space. The open kitchen, with its free-standing cooking island and mobile induction hot plates, serves manifold purposes. It is well suited to shooting film footage as well as experimenting and hosting cooking classes or workshops. The shared space is complemented by a workshop area with a high table and whiteboards.

It is followed by a central area which is replete with meeting boxes and a small tea kitchen. This transitions into an open lounge which has benches and lounge chairs and an adjoining room with permanent workplaces for concentrated work. Here the pine construction also defines respective zones and uses.

With its two multi-functional rooms, the basement hosts a range of different temporary uses. As required, the wooden construction morphs into a bench or a wall covering. The translucent tarpaulin creates a pleasant light in the basement, which largely lacks direct daylight. Linear light fixtures, which are used in all the rooms, are enhanced with additional atmospheric lighting.

TopicIncubator & show kitchen



LocationDE – Berlin Tiergarten

BGF500 sq m

TeamKim Le Roux, Margit Sichrovsky, Nathalie Coulombel