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ʌnˈkɒmən: Arriving in the uncommon - arriving in the unknown. Themes of the threshold, of transition, but also of separation are central to the design. At the cross-section between residential and commercial areas, a new inclusive neighbourhood quarter is being created in Berlin Weißensee that will help people to arrive in the country. The arrangement of three buildings includes squares, alleys, courtyards and open corridors, creating areas that facilitate both communal and private experience.

 The facades of prefabricated opaque and translucent slabs envelop the reinforced concrete buildings like a membrane. The outer form of the buildings appears friendly, bright and permeable, while wooden panelling also lends the courtyards an inviting character. In addition to co-working areas, studios, workshops and practices, there are also micro-apartments for families and flat-sharing communities. Flexible floor plans allow the apartments to grow and shrink as needed. Access is via green pathways in the courtyards. 

TopicNew living - integration of refugees



LocationDE – Berlin Weißensee

Space16.000 sq m

TeamKim Le Roux, Margit Sichrovsky

Rendering LXSY ARCHITEKTEN & Grieger Harzer Landschaftsarchitekten