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In collaboration with NBL Studio, Forward Planung und Forschung GmbH and the urban planner Hanne Rung, we are exploring the opportunities and limitations of Baukultur, or, in English, building culture, as part of the ExWoSt research project "Baukultur in der Bauwende" (Building Culture in the Building Transition).

The aim of the research project is to highlight the opportunities and limitations for strengthening "Baukultur" within the context of the building transition. At the centre of this lies the issue of shaping new building processes while also preserving existing building culture.

The components of the research project are based on three workshops with external participants from administration, industry and business, which building on each other in terms of content. The focus is forging a transdisciplinary dialogue about our current needs and best practice examples, in addition to looking at future practices and potential solutions.


TopicMöglichkeiten und Grenzen im Wandel des Bauwesens


TeamMargit Sichrovsky

Photos Mathew Crabbe, NBL studio gGmbH