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The former factory site in the centre of Merseburg is reinventing itself and becoming a pioneering quarter for Merseburg residents and those who want to become one: the Wiegand Quartier, or WQ for short.

A traditional site of Merseburg's industrial history is developing into an urban neighbourhood of the future in a charming waterside setting. The former factory site next to the Rieschmühle mill looks back on over 120 years of industrial history in Merseburg. Where the first patents for evaporation technology revolutionised the leather industry 100 years ago, tinkering, inventing and testing are to take place again. Today, the Wiegand Industrial Park is located here and is already home to a number of small and medium-sized companies. In future, the WQ is set to become a focal point for social and sustainable start-ups in Saxony-Anhalt.

In the Pioneer Summer 2024, everyone from Merseburg and the surrounding area is invited to test campaigns and events, workshops and business models. Four former workshops, one large hall and plenty of outdoor space are available for this purpose.

The WIEGAND QUARTIER was initiated by the CO.WQ e.V. association. Its members are committed people from the Merseburg region and descendants of the founder of Wilhelm Wiegand Maschinenfabrik KG. They are united by the principle of sustainability and the promotion of democratic and inclusive processes. The aim is to develop an economically viable concept with a positive impact on the town and for the citizens of Merseburg and the surrounding area.

The guiding principles of sustainability and interaction run like a red thread through the project. With the revitalisation of the 100-year-old production halls and workshops, a lively working, living and recreational space is being created at the interface between natural space and industrial location with innovative uses such as co-working spaces, shared workshops and meet-up areas for conferences and smaller events.

Sustainability is also a top priority in construction. In future, the existing buildings and potential new buildings are to be constructed, renovated and extended in a resource-saving, CO2-saving manner using ecological and recycled building materials in a circular construction method. The development of the WIEGAND QUARTER is a prototype for the building of tomorrow.

The WQ thus makes a decisive contribution to sustainable and socially-just development for people in Merseburg and the surrounding area.


TopicDistrict development

CategoryIn planning


LocationDE – Merseburg

Space250.000 sq m

TeamMargit Sichrovsky, Sophia Wenzler, Thea von Wedel

Photos Axel Sichrovsky