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New ways of working

New forms of work mean that there is more emphasis on networking, teamwork and innovation. We at LXSY are part of this change and are curious about what the working world of tomorrow will look like, what principles it will follow and what working environments are needed for a new way of thinking. We are convinced that thanks to new perspectives and forward-looking concepts, architecture can flexibly and effectively support fast-shifting ways of working. 

 Together with all those involved, we develop new working environments in which something new can emerge, creating spaces for innovation and forward-looking ideas seeking to make the world a better place. We pick up inspiring stimuli from the business or start-up world as well as from the social impact scene or from art and culture to create flexible structures that adapt to users' needs and allow a variety of working methods. Good ideas unfold best in a free and flexible working environment.

 New inspiration also comes from intelligent networking. It's time to realize that everything is connected. New working involves the creation of cross-sector networks and the sharing of knowledge. By learning together, people from different disciplines enhance their own context. In this way, we view our customers as partners with whom we act as an active hub in a network of like-minded people. With an eye on the big picture, we generate a community of people who inspire, exchange, advise and help each other. We make more difference on a social level if we work together.

 Our experience in developing and implementing numerous co-working spaces and innovative workspaces shows us that economic success and humanity are not contradictory. That is why we create holistic and user-oriented solutions with contemporary room concepts. New working spaces are designed to strengthen the potential and possibilities of cooperation, supporting the development of a more sustainable world.